I am unable to receive or see messages at this time in my "Message Centre". Does this also mean I cannot receive or see Help Desk responses?

Before sending in a ticket concerning your Message Centre not displaying we would advise that you try clearing your Cache and make sure that your JavaScript is enabled and up to date.

If clearing your cache and checking on your JavaScript the issue does not clear up you can contact the Help Desk for further assistance. Since all Help Desk responses are sent directly to the email linked to your account you no longer need to be able to view your Message Centre to receive our responses. If your Message Centre is not functioning properly you can be assured we will still be able to assist you through the Help Desk.

Please note however, that in order to receive our email responses you should make sure the email account linked to your username is up to date. If you don't remember what email that is and whether it is up to date make sure to check your Edit Settings page.

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