How do I add Mature Content tag to my deviation?

You may tag your submission as Mature Content at the time of submission or at a later date by using the Edit function. By doing so your deviation will be concealed behind a special warning thumbnail for anyone who has the Hide Mature Content checkbox selected in their Settings.

If you choose to tag one or more of your deviations as Mature Content you will have a choice between two levels; Strict or a Moderate.

Please note that choosing a mature content tag, whether Strict or Moderate, for your deviation does not enable you to submit content prohibited under the DeviantArt terms of service.

The Strict setting of mature content will limit viewing to those members who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. This setting is provided only for the comfort of the submitting artist who wishes to block viewing by members under the age of eighteen (18)- it does not represent an option to submit content which is prohibited under the DeviantArt terms of service.

The Moderate setting will allow viewing by members age thirteen (13) and older through use of a click-through warning screen.

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