What is the watch and how do I manage my watch listing?

The watch is a system that allows you to keep track of fellow deviants as well as groups and various types of their submissions and community activity. The watch can notify you via your message centre of new deviations, scraps, journals, polls, critiques and forum threads posted by the deviants and groups on your watch.

Managing your watch

You can manage your watch by clicking the Friends drop down listing (double silhouette icon) at the top of most DeviantArt pages. Once the list drops down click on 'Manage' and you will be taken to your management page.

In your watch listing you will notice several check boxes, the following describes what each of these check boxes do. Please note that for any changes to take effect you must click on the 'Save' button, located at the bottom of the pages, after making any changes.

    • Friends - Checking this box places the corresponding deviant or deviants on your friends list.

    • Deviations - Checking this box will notify you via your message centre of all deviations submitted or edited by that particular deviant or deviants.

    • Journals & News - Checking this box will notify you via your message centre of all journals and news as well as polls that particular deviant(s) creates.

    • Forum Threads - Checking this box will notify you via your message centre of all forum threads that particular deviant(s) creates.

    • Critiques - Checking this box will notify you via your message centre of all critiques that particular deviant(s) posts on other deviants' deviations.

    • Scraps - Checking this box will notify you via your message centre of all scraps submitted by that particular deviant or deviants.

    • Activity - Checking this box will notify you when a user changes their Username or when commissions have become available.

  • Remove - Clicking this button will remove the corresponding deviant from your watch.

Adding Users to Your watch

Entering a username in the "Add a Deviant" section will allow you to manually add users to your watch list. You can also do this by visiting their userpage and clicking on 'watch'.

Deviant Lists

The Deviant Lists section allows you to separate your watch list into separate sections or lists. For instance, if you had 12 people on your Friends List where 6 were photographers, and 6 were poets, you could create two Deviant Lists - one for photography and one for poetry - and then move each member to their respective list. This would then allow you to send the same note to all the members in that Deviant List. If you want to remove the list at any point in time simply click the remove link next to the Deviant List's name on the right hand side. Note that removing the list will not remove the deviants in that list from your watch; only the list will disappear.

The following explains in more detail how to create Deviant Lists and add deviants to them. Note that the following assumes you are viewing the 'Manage My Friends' page.

    • Create a Deviant List - Type your desired list name in the field provided and click the "Add' button.

    • Deviant Lists - Once you have added a list its name will appear here, with a 'Remove' button to the right of it.

  • Add a Deviant - Type the deviants name and using the drop down box underneath it select which Deviant List you want to place that deviant in. Once you have done that click submit.
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