How do I share Journal Skins?

If you are feeling generous, you can share any journal skins which you have created and saved with other deviants. To share your skin, simply read on.

Exporting/Saving Your Code

    The first step to sharing your skin with others is to export your code to a text file. We have made this process very easy for you. Simply visit the 'Write a Journal Entry' link in the 'submit' menu at the top of the page and click on the 'edit skin' link at the top of the sidebar to the left of the journal compose field (this sidebar is on the right in Writer). Once clicked you can create your journal skin then select the "sharing" link at the bottom of that window. This will switch you to the sharing pane for the currently selected skin where you can copy the code provided directly in to a .txt file. After you have copied your code in to a text file you are now ready to visit the submission page.

Submitting Your Skin

      Submitting your skin is easy, simply choose the submission category

DeviantArt Journal Skins

      and load your .txt file in to the file deck. If you wish, you can simply copy that code then visit the deviation submission page and select the 'add text' option and paste that code in to the text box that appears on the submission page. You will next be prompted to upload a preview image to be displayed with your skin. Finish up by filling out all of the required steps following and click on 'Submit'.

      That's it you are done!

Please Note: If your skin contains links to images hosted offsite you will be asked to submit these files after you have clicked submit. If you wish to upload these at a later date that is not a problem, your skin will remain hidden from public view until you have uploaded these files. However, once the journal skin has been completed and submitted to your gallery there is no way to adjust the images linked in the skin. There is no way to edit a journal skin once it has been added to your gallery.

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