What is the format for the Tags in deviations and what are they for?

Tags help others find your works in the Search engine by providing descriptive words about your submission. Tags better surface artwork, allow deviants to form communities around topics, make it easier to find other artists and art appreciators, and increase discoverability.

You can add tags based on a variety of things, be it subject matter, themes, medium used, fandom, or anything else you feel is important.

Use these tips to make the most of tags and help your art to find its audience:

Keep it simple. The less complicated the tag, the easier your art is to discover. Be specific.

If you take a picture of a rose, tagging it as #flower, while correct, won’t get your art as much attention as tagging it #rose will. You can, of course, tag both.

Tag efficiently. If your art is based on Lord of the Rings, tag it #LordOfTheRings and/or #lotr. You don’t need to tag every combination — tag the most commonly used.

Tag important things. While your art may include many aspects to it, your tags should focus on only the most important parts. If your artwork has one small hill far off in the background, you don’t need to tag it #hill.

Tag themes, genres, and ideas. Use tags for posts about events, concepts, and common genres! For example, you might tag a painting #scifi and #spacetravel in addition to #spaceship and #aliens.

Tag trends. If your art is about a current event or following a trend building on the internet, then use tags to include your art in the broad conversation. Or, start your own trend with your friends! Build your audience. Artists working on an original series can make a tag specifically for that series, so viewers can find any and all art related to it with just one click.

One word tags. Tags are limited to one word without spaces. That way you can find already existing communities, and your art stands a better chance of being seen. Instead of using #My #Little #Pony try #MyLittlePony and/or #MLP instead. Don’t tag your username. Our search engine will find your art just fine when someone searches your username, so use that tag space for something more efficient!

Tag resources. When using someone’s stock or resources in your work, tags are a good way to display whose resources you used. That said, be sure to adhere to the stock provider’s guidelines, when using their resources for your art.

Check your spelling. Typos in your tags means your art may not be discovered the way you want it to be.

Use the autocomplete menu for tags, if you're not sure about how something is spelled!

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