What is the file format for Journal skins?

Put the header, footer, and CSS into a text file, in this format:

<style type="text/css">
.your_css { goes:here; }
<div class="example-header"> The skin's header goes here </div>
<div class="example-footer"> The skin's footer goes here </div>

The tag indicates where the deviant's journal text would appear in the skinned journal entry.

You should submit this text file to the "DeviantArt Related > DeviantArt Skins > Journal" category.

After you submit this text file, you'll be asked to upload any images that your skin uses, one by one. After this step, your skin can be used by any deviant!

If your CSS is complex, make sure you test it in multiple browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, before submitting. You don't want your fans to have a bug in their journals!

For easy sharing please consult :faq67:

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