What journal features do I have access to?

You have access to the following journal features.



      - You can add images from external sources, such as images you have uploaded to imageshack, photobucket or your own domain. To do this you will need to use the following code.

<img src="source URL" />

      The source URL is the URL of the picture you want to include. Please take care to not forget the trailing />. If you forget it, problems like your text not being properly aligned might occur.
        Please be advised that if you display any image in your journal which is considered to be 

Mature Content

       the staff reserves the right to remove that journal without notice once it comes to their attention.


      - Thumbnails can be added to your journal by using either the thumbcode or shop notation (for prints). To display a thumbnail, you need to use the :thumb#: notation, where # is the number of the deviation in which you wish to display. For print thumbnails you would do :shop#: and replace # with the number of the print.

      You can access these numbers by viewing the deviation or print which you wish to display in your journal. So for example, if you viewed the following deviation http://devart.deviantart.com/art/Official-Fella-file-49326740 , you will note the url ends with the number 49326740. So to display this deviation in thumb form you would simply type :thumb49326740:

    You can also access a thumbcode directly via a deviation, by visiting the deviation you wish to display. Once there you will note a box entitled "Thumb" located, on the right hand side of the artwork and artist description area.



          Please be aware that the use of custom journal CSS is a 

Core Member

         feature only.
        For more information about this, please refer to: http://help.deviantart.com/62/



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