How do I use Journal skins?

As a Core Member it is possible to create or use premade journal skins, which will allow you to change the look and feel of your journal.

Creating Your Own - If you know a thing or two about CSS, you may wish to try your hand at creating your own journal skins.

To create your own journal skin you will first need to click on the 'Write a Journal Entry' link. Once clicked you will be taken to your journal update page. Next you will need to click on the "edit skin" link at the top of the Skins sidebar to the left of your journal composer (If you are in Writer this sidebar is on the right). This will provide you with fields in which you can enter your CSS code in to. After you have finished adding in your CSS code, you will need to click on 'Save As', you will now be prompted to name your newly created skin. Once you have given your skin a name you will be able to use it at anytime by selecting it through the skins selector, which is accessible by in the sidebar area to the left (or right in Writer).

Devious Tip - You can also edit any skins you have saved through the skins selector. Simply apply the skin by clicking on the skin name/icon then click the "edit skin" option at the top of the sidebar.

Premade Skins - If you are not familiar with CSS, but would like to change the style of your journal, premade skins are just right for you!

Before you can use a premade skin you will first need to install one. Installing a premade skin is easy, simply Browse the DeviantArt Related > DeviantArt Skins & Scripts > Journal & Gallery Skins >Installable Journal Skins gallery, to locate a skin. Once you have located a skin you would like to use you will need to click on it, clicking on it will take you to the deviation page. From there click on the button entitled "Install to Journal", located in the sidebar to the right of the deviation. Your new skin will now be installed!

To use your new skin in a journal, visit the update journal link as normal. Proceed by clicking on the journal skin icon, located in the sidebar to the left (or on the right if you're in Writer), this will apply the journal skin to your current journal.

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