Are there any limitations for deviation submissions?


Image based submissions cannot be larger than 30MB while non image based submissions such as Zipped Archives and Film & Animations files can be as large as 200MB. Please note that Premium Content Archives can exceed this restriction. Files uploaded for download through PCP must be within the normal limits but are then zipped by the process and can result in a zipped file larger than 200MB.

Text based deviation submissions are limited to an effective size of 64 kilobytes which is 65,535 characters.
(The exact same limitations also apply to journal entries.)

Please note that there are a few things that can increase the amount of characters you have used drastically. These include links, punctuation marks, and hitting return. Using smart quotes ( ‘ ’ and “ ” ) takes up one more character than normal quotes use. Hitting return count as 4 characters. Punctuation marks ('";:!? etc) can account for 4-8 characters each depending which one you use

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