How can I make a club or group?

Our official Group Platform is currently in Beta Testing at this time. For more information on the official Groups Platform please see our FAQ on Making a Group. If you wish to make a group please see the following link
If you do not wish to use the Groups Platform regular user accounts may be pressed into service as improvised 'club' accounts but these will receive no official support from the site administration and will not receive special treatment or tools for their use. In all ways they will be treated as standard single user accounts. You may also make an entirely new account, using the standard method, and then use this account for your improvised club.

Improvised clubs will be held responsible for the contents of their own galleries regardless of circumstances. 'Rules' or 'regulations' created by improvised clubs will not be enforced by official DeviantArt staff.

Improvised clubs which share their password among other users can and will be suspended or banned based on the actions of any single user who commits abuses while logged into the account. Accounts where the password is shared among many may be deemed unrecoverable due to unclear 'ownership' in the event that a claim of unauthorized access or loss of access is filed with the official DeviantArt :devhelp:.

The following list is a group of unofficial user created accounts which track the existence of unofficial user created clubs;


Also, this Journal entry lists many, by category.

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