I just uploaded or reset an Avatar, or Lit Tag, and DeviantArt keeps displaying the old one. Why?

IMPORTANT - It has come to our attention that many users after uploading an image file are forgetting to click on OK at the bottom of the screen after they have uploaded their file or are clicking on reset after uploading a new file. Please note that 'Reset' should only be clicked on if you wish to revert your avatar to the default DeviantArt avatar. If you have clicked on reset or forgotten to click on OK at the bottom of the page the information below will not apply to you.

If you did not receive an error message of any type when submitting your file, it has been uploaded successfully. To be assured your file was uploaded you may wish to try clearing your cache. You may also try the trick below; but only if your file was an Avatar. To do this simply load the following URL in your browser and follow the next steps.


Replace the * with the first letter of your username, and the ** with the second letter of your username, and yourusername with your actual username, and depending on what format your avatar is in *** to GIF, JPEG or PNG.

The cached image will load immediately. Once it's loaded press the "refresh" button in the browser and watch your new picture be displayed.

If you have tried the above steps and they did not work, there is probably a server lag and your image will be updated as soon as the servers catch up.

There may also be delays when resetting your image files.

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