I have yet to receive my Lost Password email. What can I do?

Sometimes a provider blocks our emails or sends them to the spam folder. If you have not received the lost password email here is what you can do, if the email is not in your Spam or Bulk Mail folder.

1.) Please try using your email provider's search engine to search for any emails from nobody@deviantart.com to make sure it's not simply misplaced. If you are unable to locate the email this way please try to the next step.

2.) If your provider has a Spam or Bulk Mail setting you can try setting this to the lowest possible setting. Once done please request a new email be sent to it. If this does not clear up the issue, you will want to try the next step.

3.) If you have tried the above steps or your provider has no Spam or Bulk Mail folder, you will want to contact the Help Desk by email via help@deviantart.com, for further assistance.

You may also want to consider if the lost password email is sending to the email address you believe it should be. If you haven't updated the email address in your settings page in awhile you may want to read over the following :faq659:

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