I would like to purchase a work I've found on DeviantArt or license it for use.


Using Artwork

DeviantArt possesses no ownership claim in any submission and cannot grant you any license or permission for use, only the artist may do so.

All original works found in the DeviantArt galleries are the copyrighted property of the submitting artist. If you want to use a work you will need to ask permission from the artist, who is free to set whatever terms and conditions they wish. You should always ask permission before using any work which was created by another artist.

To contact a member of DeviantArt, you may use whatever contact information the artist may have provided on their profile page, or you may send a personal note to the artist if you have your own DeviantArt account.

Stock submissions and certain submissions marked with a Creative Commons License already have certain terms and conditions attached and can be used without directly contacting the artist providing that you obey the rules set for each work (which may vary from work to work and from artist to artist).

Unfortunately, DeviantArt cannot grant permission on behalf of any artist to use their works.


Purchasing Items

If you are interested in a print or a downloadable file of the image, please be sure to look in the right hand column of the deviation page for the "Buy This Print" and "Purchase" options which the artist may have made available.

Otherwise, you should make your request directly to the artist. Frequently the artist will provide external contact information on his or her profile page. If you have the username of an artist you want to contact, you may get to their profile and prints pages by entering username.deviantart.com or username.deviantart.com/store; replacing username with the actual username of the artist.

If you are a DeviantArt member, you may also try using the note system or you could place your request in a comment under the image on the deviation page.

For privacy reasons we cannot provide other contact information for the artist or the artist's real name if they are not available on his or her Profile page.

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