How do I report a Note which I received as spam or as abuse?

When viewing a note you will observe a button labeled "Mark As..." in the lower right corner; pressing that button will open a sub-menu where you will have several choices and at the bottom of the list will be the option to mark the note as 'spam'. Using this button will move the note into a special administrative area where our staff will be able to review it. Or you can report spammers here by contacting the Help Desk and including the deviant's username in your report.

If you have received a note which is abusive then you should consider reporting it to our customer service center. The customer service agent who assists you will also need you to use the "Mark As Spam" button on the note(s) in question so they can then directly review it, so be certain not to delete the note until they've been able to do this. Once the note has been reviewed you may receive additional instructions or advice in addition to any administrative action which may be taken.

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