What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?

All non CEA related inquiries will be answered by the Help Desk Staff within 5 days or less (additional replies can have a longer delay), Monday through Friday.

The Help Desk is closed all day Saturday and Sunday, and reopens Monday. The Help Desk is also closed for certain Holidays. Holiday closures will be posted in the Status Forum

All inquiries submitted during closure times will be answered when we return.

Please be advised that CEA related inquiries (Abuse Report, Account Ban Appeal, Policy Inquiry, DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice) will experience longer delays than non-CEA related inquiries due to the investigative process involved in many of these reports. By making sure you include all of the necessary information right off the bat this can help make the process smoother.

During the weekend, if you have a matter of great importance that is not Policy related, you may feel free to email help@deviantart.com to receive help.

You can also visit #help on the dAMN messaging network to receive live help 24/7.

*** Please be advised that above listed response times are estimated response times only and are subject to change when there is a heavy load of inquiries being submitted to the desk during a short period of time.

** For the time frames e-mails are handled please see: "I can't log in to use the Community Help Desk, is there an email?"

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