Is there a description of the Help Desk contact categories?

Yes. When contacting the Help Desk there are several categories in order to ensure that your inquiry is sent to the appropriate Customer Service Representative to help with your ticket. Each Help Desk category and their description is listed below, with each category listed under the appropriate team that handles them.

Sections handled by the Help Desk Customer Service Department:

Bug Report

If you are experiencing a bug this is the place to report it. When submitting a Bug Report, please be sure to be as detailed as possible as this will ensure that we are able to help you the best we possibly can. If something is only happening on a certain browser or computer, be sure to include this in your report. The following information can be vital for helping us help you with your bug report.

  • in depth description of issue including how to reproduce it
  • direct links to the location of the problem
  • full screenshot of the problem (please include the entire browser UI and address bar)
  • check on your browser extensions/add-ons and internet security programs in case they may be causing interference

Before reporting a bug, please be sure to check the Status Forum first, as the issue you experience may already be known. If it is known, no further reports will be needed.

Harassment reports, should not be filed under this category.

General Help

This category should be used when you have general questions concerning DeviantArt. IE: Help with using the site, uploading an avatar, or when you need clarification of a FAQ entry. In other words if none of the other contact categories answered by the Help Desk Team match your needs, this is the category for you. Please be advised however that you should not submit Policy related inquiries under this section, please instead select one of the categories listed below that are answered by the Copyright & Etiquette Administration.

Sections handled by the Retail Customer Service Department:

Core Membership Inquiry

Inquires to this section should only relate to Premium Memberships IE: Trouble purchasing a Premium Membership, refund or transfer requests, help with activating a feature in the subscriber package. As well as any questions you may have regarding the features gained by purchasing a Premium Membership.

Prints > My order has not arrived

Inquiries to this category should only relate to orders which have not arrived.

Prints > My order has a problem

Inquiries to this category should only relate to problems with orders already placed.

Prints > General prints order inquiry

Inquiries to this category should only relate to questions about placing an order or products.

Prints > General prints inquiry

Inquiries to this category are in regards to general questions about the DeviantArt print service which are not covered by the areas above.

adCast Inquiry

Inquiries to this category are in regards to all questions about the DeviantArt AdCast service.

Points Inquiry

Inquiries to this category are in regards to all questions about the DeviantArt Points service.


Sections handled by the Copyright and Etiquette Administration:

Policy Inquiry

This category is for any general question, concern or situation involving official DeviantArt policy or for appeals concerning deviation removal or other actions initiated by staff.

Abuse Report

This category is the section you should be reporting any abusive or unacceptable behaviour found on the site that you believe to be in violation of our policies. If it's a deviation in question, you should simply use the Report Deviation button instead of submitting a ticket. Always make sure to include as much evidence as possible when filing a request under this category.

Account Ban Appeal

This category is for use by any BANNED deviants who have questions about their ban or who wish to ask to have their account reactivated.

Information in regards to bans can only be discussed between the banned deviant and the Policy Team. This information will not be given out to 'friends' or anyone else requesting it.

DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice

This category is reserved for official Claims of Copyright Infringement to be filed by copyright owners or their legal representatives.

COPPA Report

For information about making COPPA Reports please see the following FAQ and HQ Blog

How does DeviantArt comply with COPPA?

CEA Blog - How to Report an Underage deviant

Spammer Report

This category is for reports about spam content posted on DeviantArt, please note that issues regarding deviants posting abusive or aggressive comments should be submitted as an Abuse Report. Our definition of spam can be found here What is "spamming"?

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