I have not received a response to my Help Desk Inquiry? What could be the reason or reasons for this?

Rarely this is the case, however in the rare instance your inquiry was not responded to, below is a list of reasons why this may have occurred.

One major reason is time. Please be sure to give the Help Desk staff enough time to respond to you. The Help Desk is closed all day Saturday and Sunday, and reopens Monday. The Help Desk is also closed for certain Holidays. If you are contacting us on one of these days then it may take a few days for us to catch up with the backlog before we are able to respond to you.

Only DeviantArt related issues should be sent via the Help Desk or Help email, this includes but is not limited to; Subscription Inquiries, Bug Reports, Account Ban Appeals, Abuse Reports, General Questions and more.

Please (click here), for more information on the types of inquiries you may send in.

If you're unsure where to ask a question that is not related to DeviantArt, you may also contact us and we will try and assist you as best as possible.

We have little tolerance for people who can't take the time to type coherently. Typing the entire message in ‘txt msg hi how r u? I dun no how 2 do this format, or in ‘l33t sp33k’ is the fastest way for us to not respond quickly if at all!

If you submitted a harassment report and the issue is already known to us, by a previous report, chances are you may not receive a response (only the original poster will), this will not only speed up our investigation of the matter, but things for other users needing help.

Sometimes when there is a bug and it is known and posted in the Status Forum and we receive hundreds to thousands of duplicate reports on the issue still when no further reports are needed, to be as efficient as possible the Help Desk will respond to only to the earlier reports and the remaining duplicate reports on the issue will be quickly cleared from the Help Desk, so please do not mistake a lack of a response with your report being ignored.

Additionally, simply typing one word inquiries, or inquiries in ALL CAPS, or abuse will not go down well either.

If none of the reasons listed above apply to your inquiry, please feel free to submit a new one inquiring to why you did not receive a reply and we will look in to this for you.

See also; "What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?"

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