Bad Advertisements caused by Extensions

Over the past couple weeks we've been working closely with a small number of deviants who have been having some mysterious ad problems which resulted in types of advertisements that we do not permit to run on the site. After much investigation it appears there are some Browser Extensions that are either allowing themselves to insert ads into pages or even some that may have been added to browsers without consent. DeviantArt does not work directly with any browser extensions and does not approve of the misleading and inappropriate advertising practices many of these extensions are using. We strive to ensure that all advertisements run by DeviantArt are safe and do not interfere with the basic functionality of the site.

If you should experience any poor ad experiences such as advertisements appearing over deviation images or ads popping up when hovering over words within a comment, please check over your Extensions to make sure that none of them are the source of the problematic ad before you choose to report this issue to the DeviantArt Help Desk. As we learn more about these extensions we will add them to this post. We were able to find an article that mentioned how these sorts of extensions can be added to your browser. We highly recommend that you check out this article for further information.

Example of extensions known to cause ads







Web Assistant

Delta toolbar 1.5.0


Webexp Enchanted

Examples of Advertisements




If you see an add like this one where it says Ads by Browse to Save and little icon next to it this is an immediate way to realize this is not an official DeviantArt advertisement.

We strongly encourage that you take the time to check over your extensions to ensure you do not have any of these or any extensions that you did not intend on installing. We do not have any influence on these extensions so any problems you experience with extensions is not within our control.


1) Does DeviantArt partner or work with any browser extension companies

DeviantArt does not work with any browser extension companies. Any issues you have with particular extensions that interferes with DeviantArt should be addressed to whatever company created that extension.

2) How would a browser extension have gotten on my computer in the first place?

As mentioned in the article linked above these extensions may be installed while installing other programs or while torrenting. We strongly advise that you pay close attention when installing programs to ensure you do not install anything you do not wish to add to your computer.

3) Is DeviantArt able to block the browser extensions from serving ads on my DeviantArt pages?

Due to the vast amount of extensions and how often they update we cannot combat all extensions known to cause interference or interject ads onto pages.

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    We have received information from recent Help Desk tickets that have brought to light that the Extension putlockerdownloader is also interjecting ads onto websites.

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    We received a report that "Coupon Drop Down" is also interjecting these ads onto websites.

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