Fight "bad ads" with our new plugin

:star:  What's new in the fight against malicious ads?

As reported in a recent site-wide Hot Topic, our Devious Technology team has been hard at work creating a tool that better allows us to identify and block ads that auto-play audio and/or contain malicious content.  After testing internally, we're ready to release the tool to a wider DeviantArt audience.   

:star:  What is this "bad ad" reporting tool?

Devious Technology has built a Firefox plugin that allows deviants to easily report unruly ads -- audio ads, pop-ups, or attempted malware/viruses.  Once installed, a small blue "!" (exclamation point) icon will appear in the top right of every advertisement on the site.  If you encounter a bad ad during your DeviantArt travels, click the associated "!" icon, select "Report This Ad," and follow the simple instructions on the screen.  No advanced technical know-how is required.  

This new plugin grabs all the URLs from the ad you're reporting and logs them to our database.  From there, we're able to examine and take action against offending ads.

Get the plugin HERE.

:star:  Please note!

This tool is currently only available for Firefox users; though, we are looking into the possibility of expanding to other browsers.  Keep in mind that this is our first release to an audience other than DeviantArt administrators (yes, we surf with ads on!).  As such, we're still testing the tool and will be making tweaks as appropriate.  Should you run into any bugs or errors, please report them here.

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:star:  Thank you!

We hate bad ads as much as you do.  The release of this tool, along with other efforts that are already under way, are creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for all DeviantArt members and visitors.  We've made great progress over the past few months, and are working hard to ensure a safe and friendly user experience on DeviantArt.   


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