How to Subscribe to the "DeviantArt Status" forum and to individual posts

Have you ever wanted to be able to receive DeviantArt Status updates via email so you know right away if there is some sort of problem with the site? Thanks to the forum ability with Zendesk you can now subscribe to the DeviantArt Status forum and receive all updates via email. You can also subscribe to individual posts in order to be updated when a particular issue you are affected by is fixed. Please note that you must be a member of DeviantArt in order to subscribe to our Status updates.

How to Subscribe to "DeviantArt Status"

In order to subscribe to a specific forum section such as our "DeviantArt Status" section simply go to the specific forum section's page and click the "Follow" button as seen below. When selected you will have the option to be notified of New Articles or New Articles and Comments. We suggest you follow New Article and Comments as when a major issue is resolved a member of Staff will update the article with a comment to let the community know. Once subscribed you will receive an email update whenever we post a new post.

How to Subscribe to individual status posts

In order to subscribe to an individual Status post all you need to do is click to view the thread and click on the "Follow" button found to the right of the article topic. You will receive an update once we have left a comment response on the thread you have subscribed to.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe to Topic section click the arrow on the green button labeled "Following" and chose to "Unfollow" from the flyout menu.

To unsubscribe from a Status post all you need to do is click the Unfollow link to the right of the article title.

How do I pick which email the notifications go to?

All emails from our Help Desk will be emailed to you directly to the email address linked to your account. If you are unsure what email this is please visit your Edit Settings page.

You can also check the status of an article on site. While on the Support page you can click your avatar in the top right corner and select "My Activities" from the flyout menu.

Once the activity page loads, select the "Following" tab to see a complete list of all the Articles and Sections you are currently following.

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