Welcome to the DeviantArt Customer Service Central!

Are you in need of help? If so we have several areas where you can receive help. If you are new the first thing you'll want to do is check out our Tour: What is DeviantArt? page for some basic information on DeviantArt!

Have a question and need a quick answer?

You can check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) area for answers to numerous questions. You find FAQs on adCast, DeviantArt, DeviantFilm, DeviantArt T-Shirts & Gear, Ordering Support, Subscription Services and more in the Help & FAQ. If you have any Print Related Questions you can check out the Print Help & FAQ.

Are you experiencing an issue with the site?

Make sure to visit our DeviantArt Status forum to see if it's a known issue.

If you would like receive updates via email when we create a new status post or update a current post please check out this post on how to do this.

In need of Customer Support?

We have several areas providing Customer Service depending on what sort of help you need. All inquiries whether they are through the onsite departments or via email are stored on our Customer Service Central site. All responses to your inquiries will be sent to you through email. You can reply back to the Customer Service Representative handling your ticket by either replying to the top of the email or through the Customer Service Central page.

Live Customer Service

We provide live Customer Service in our #help and #MNAdmin chatrooms.

The #help chatroom can be used for general inquiries about DeviantArt and the Chat Network.

You can join the #MNAdmin chatroom if you have chat or forum related issues that require assistance from someone on the Message Network Administration (MN@).

Onsite Customer Service

Help Desk

Help Desk Customer Service - General Help, Bug Reports

Message Network Administration - Chatroom/Forum Inquiry

Copyright and Etiquette Administration - Abuse Report, Account Ban Appeal, Policy Inquiry, DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice, COPPA Report, Spammer Report

Subscription  - Subscription Inquiry

Prints  - My order has not arrived, My order has a problem, General prints order inquiry, General prints inquiry

DeviantArt T-Shirts & Gear - My order has not arrived, My order has a problem, General deviantART T-Shirts & Gear order inquiry, General deviantART T-Shirts & Gear inquiry

AdCast - adCast Inquiry

Points - Points Inquiry

Helpful FAQs about the Help Desk:

Who is on the Help Desk Team?

Are there any rules for the Help Desk?

What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?

Is there a description of the Help Desk contact categories?

How are Help Desk responses sent to me? Can I have them e-mailed to me?

I am unable to receive or see messages at this time in my "Message Centre". Does this also mean I cannot receive or see Help Desk responses?

Email Support

Help Desk Customer Service- help@deviantart.com

Copyright and Etiquette Administration - violations@deviantart.com

Retail Customer Service - merch@deviantart.com

AdCast Customer Service - adcast@deviantart.com

AdPro Customer Service - adpro@deviantart.com

Advertising General Support - advertising@deviantart.com

Media Inquiries - pr@deviantart.com

Premium Membership Support - payment-support@deviantart.com

Are you part of our Official Beta Tester System?

If you are, please check out the devBUG group the official home of beta testing for more information.

Would you like to leave us a suggestion on how to make DeviantArt better?

Please visit our Suggestions Forum and leave us a suggestion!

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